Kid (or not so kid) talks !

Here is the conversation between my younger niece and my brother.

Niece : Nana, what do you think is difficult, being a parent or being a kid ?

Brother : Being a parent is tough, you have to take care of the kid and keep checking what they are doing

Niece : Being a kid is tougher than that. You always have to hear this : “Don’t do this, Don’t do that, Blah, Blah, Blah“


One more between the duo :

Niece : Who do you think understand each other the most ? Sisters or Brothers ? Obviously I don’t think brother and sister understand each other the most because of gender differences ?

Brother : So, do you think me and your Atta don’t understand each other the most ?

Niece : No, Atta is different. She is little of boy and little of girl .


Me and V were having a not so light conversation but nevertheless haven’t gone into argument mode. V tried to involve A , who has been reading a book, into the conversation. The response from A was : “Nana, I know a fight is brewing up between the two of you. So please stop talking to each other for sometime “


Me and my younger niece were going through some old albums and this was her comment.

Niece : Atta, we are a memory factory. Looking through memories, we create new memories !!!!

Are the kids grown up already or it’s just that their talks have gone to the next level ? I would prefer the latter to be true !

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