How rich are you ?

Over a random conversation with my brother, we bumped into the topic about how richness and happiness are related and how they vary from person to person.

A quote that I came across recently : “That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.”

Then I tried to recollect my recent and latest pleasures :

There’s a cousin of mine who’s technically not my cousin but son of my cousin. Honouring the ages and to keep things simple , I prefer to call him my cousin. He did his Intermediate studies by staying at a hostel in the city where I was doing my schooling. Naturally he would visit our home occasionally and I developed a bond with him. He went on to do his M.D and is now a successful dentist. Though we have got our own set of priorities and are busy with the daily routines and hardly get to meet each other except for the occasional gatherings, he remains to be one of the closest ones. When I went to visit his clinic to get one of my teeth treated couple of weeks ago, he checked it, narrowed down the problem and handed the case over to his junior for further treatment. She did as directed and at the end made a statement “I’ll go and inform Sir and come back”. As silly as it may sound, that word “Sir” from her mouth made me smile and my chest swelled with a bit of pride.

There’s another cousin (technically son of my cousin), at whose place I spent a considerable part of time as a child and as a teen and shared countless memories. Same case, we are both busy with our own schedules but he too remains to be one of the closest ones. His wife got operated for removal of uterus last month and I went to their place taking A along with me to see how she was recovering. We chatted for a while about everything under the sun. After some time, one of the cousin’s daughters handed me a packet of cotton candy. Looking at the question mark on my face, she said “Nana said you like it and asked me to give this over to you”. And yes, another smile came up !!

I hope to enjoy many more such little pleasures that would make me smile and I wish to make many more people around me smile more often than ever….

Let the happiness spread and the richness grow….

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