Inspirational !

There are some people who inspire you with every act of theirs. It’s like, they are one beautiful package, with all the qualities you admire. They make you try and become a better version of what you are, just by setting an example ! One such personality is my friend.

She was my senior at college and we stayed in the same hostel, but I hardly knew her. And then I joined in the company she was working at, and she became my colleague. She became a good friend over time, but it was very little that I got to know about her then. We parted ways after a while and as luck would have it, I got to re-join the same company. This second period was a bigger one compared to the first one and we got to spend some good time , getting to know each other little more, sharing the changes of our lives and bonding over that.

Like everything is unpredictable, I had to move out again and re-join only after quite a gap.

The third period has been quite different, partly because I assume that I have got little more maturity over the years and partly because of working in close quarters with her .

She who had been only a friend until then, started becoming a little more as days passed. She is an excellent manager and I feel lucky to have her as mine, giving me opportunities to learn more than I could think of . She has been very very inspirational and motivating with every act of hers.

She manages so many things at her level, with so much patience, never showing a sign of anger. She makes seemingly impossible things or quite challenging things at work, very simple. She always has a helping hand ready to extend to anyone in need, be it at a personal or professional level. She manages personal and professional lives extremely well and is yet so humble. She cracks things by connecting minute dots in a way that makes you go spellbound. She processes too many things and does so much of multi tasking that I just watch in wonder. She is so good at heart that you feel good about having known her. Sarees, Crafting, Cooking, Dancing, Fitness, you name a thing and she does it in a jiffy with so much perfection ! She really cares about everyone around her and is reflected in her actions. She’s always ready to listen to what one has to say, making it easy for the opposite person to let out their frustration and always ready to suggest or advice in the ways she could.

Dear N, you are my constant inspiration and I hope to absorb at least some of the many qualities that I admire in you.

Keep rocking as always !!

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