Occasional Chef !

V watches lots of food channels over Television and Internet , browses food related stuff and has also got the itch to experiment with new and different kinds of recipes. He twists and tweaks the original one as per his food preferences and mixes with whatever comes to his mind. Owning to our good fortune or his talent or whatever, they mostly come out well !!

Here’s one such dish that got crafted in the mind and hands of V on one fine weekend and got devoured by all at home.

No fancy ingredients ! Cut the big brinjals into slices . Mix besan with spice powders of your choice and enough water to be able to dip these cut slices in it and then finely coat them around with. On a tawa, shallow fry these, keeping them covered with a lid for some time, so that they get cooked properly.

Have them when they are super hot !!

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