Children’s Day

Used to be celebrated every year at A’s school, with teachers performing for students and a special lunch being served for the students.

This year for some reason , the former activity was cancelled and only the latter one was present. So A wanted us to compensate for that and asked us, me and V, to make greeting cards for her. She, being an understanding girl, gave us an additional time of weekend and asked us to gift her the cards by Sunday evening.

I took to task on Saturday morning, taking advantage of the fact that A has gone to school for basketball and wasn’t at home and started making a card using all the material I found around. V was confident of what he would do and just gathered some stuff and kept aside, only to start on the next day.

I kept aside all the stuff before A came home and resumed it only on Sunday morning, when A went to school again for the practice. V wanted me to help him a little with the drawing part of his card and I did so. Once that part was done, I picked all sorts of art and craft material and used all my creativity to make something in that limited time. It was after a long long time that I really did something like this. And I enjoyed the activity quite a lot. Quilling, drawing, colouring, writing , sticking and everything about it.

It was nice to watch V ask for different kinds of stuff and look at him colouring with so much of concentration.

Finally, these were the cards that we came up with !!

This was mine !

And this was V’s card !

I leave it to you to decode our creativity 🙂

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