I know it but

Just fail to follow it at times…

I know how therapeutic blogging is to my stressed mind at the end of a day, how refreshing it is to interact with blogger friends after a tiring day…

But I just fail to follow it at times !

And so here I am, back to this world of mine 😊

I know how recharging it is to meet the loved ones of my family, to laugh endlessly with all my cousins , to forget all that is part of the regular routine and get transported into a different world, how lasting those wonderful memories can be…

But I just fail to follow it at times !

So here I am, with a picture we captured at a family gathering. One of the cousins on my paternal side initiated a get-together at my grandparents’ ancestral home and how could we not go there ? It has been around 12 years that I visited this place, owing to the fact that everyone that once belonged to this place now moved on and the place has essentially become empty except for a single cousin and his wife, and naturally neither V nor A have seen it at all. I was excited to go back and visit all the places I once visited as a child and relive those times.

As expected, I had a wonderful day, with a count of 87 , spanning multiple generations, some who know me as a little child, some who know me as a peer, some who know me as a big adult. It was total FUN and I wish these things happen now and then to recharge the battery in me 😊

For the initial hour or so, A’s reaction was like “Why do you all shout so much , why is this fun to you and when are we going back home ?” After an hour or so, she was like “Can we stay a little longer ?”

Though I fail to follow things that I know of at times, I come back and start following them again, so hope to be regular at blogging again 😊

7 thoughts on “I know it but

  1. Awesome FV. I would love to have such a get together at my grandparents’ place with all our cousins, I have gone so distant with few of them that I don’t know how would it be.

    • Thanks GB, I wish you have one soon. Sometimes all the distance vanishes the instant you meet again. But unless someone takes an initiative and pursues it with good effort, such things don’t happen. Hope someone does that soon on your side !

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