One day I too would 

Like to spend my post-retirement days pursuing hobbies with full of passion, the way FIL does now…

Not that I want to retire immediately, but when I do so, I wouldn’t want my days to be idle flowing with the tide, but filled with all those activities which keep me engaged and contented.

FIL, who took photography as a hobby, post retirement, has his own world around it. Apart from the numerous photography clubs he is part of, the various trips he makes to places in and out of Hyderabad, the multiple sessions he attends, the varied competitions he takes part of, the innumerable accessories he explores of, he is seen doing lots of these things too around the house:

Cleaning painstakingly with some powder and scrubber, the items aging 20 year old or more, which otherwise he wouldn’t have paid attention to, and drying them up in the sun and making MIL watch it over, to ensure it doesn’t get lost, just so that he could experiment photography techniques on it. Everything went well until A came home that day, asked what it was by taking it into her hands, and that thing which was a single piece separated as two 😀

  See all the equipment around, stool, setup, handmade paper, thermocol sheets and all !

  A keychain that formed his subject !

  Creativity in the making, putting together souvenirs from different , unconnected places.

 Attempts at product photography !
  A’s play stuff too pose as models at times 😊

One of the photographs FIL clicked was selected today as the group banner for Hyderabad Nature Photography ! Hobbies that make retirement look fun, promising and beautiful !!

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