Are we growing old ?

Was V’s comment couple of minutes back.

This was his reaction when we were at the theatre to watch Dilwale, that  got released today , for the 10.30 show. Only that we couldn’t watch it and were sent back inspite of having tickets in hand, because they were tickets for Sunday night and not today πŸ™‚ All the while, V was thinking that he had booked them for today and somehow the date was not what he assumed to be. We didn’t realise this fact until the security guard at the theatre pointed this out to us and this is something that has happened to us for the first time.

Are we growing old that we are missing things ?

Nah, we are just young ones that are yet to get old to not make any mistakes and not miss things !

So we are gonna wait till Sunday to watch the movie !

p.s. And to not waste the parking fee of 30 bucks, we had ice cream at Cream Stone πŸ˜‰

10 thoughts on “Are we growing old ?

  1. I’ve seen Dilwale and quite enjoyed it. Hope you guys have a great time watching it.
    And young people these days are far more stressed out to be mixed up about days/ dates at any point. So you guys are actually young in every sense πŸ™‚
    Great to note you had an ice cream treat & didn’t lt the parking charge go waste πŸ˜€

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