And the marathon 

Ended with a bang last Saturday
So the ‘X‘ that I was talking about was ‘dancing’ for the year end party organised by the office folks at Palm Exotica. 

Going back little in time, I loved dancing right from when I was kid, but I never learnt how to. Some childhood memories that still remain with me very vividly are that of me standing in front of Doordarshan programme on TV telecasting some classical dance , and trying to imitate the dancer. At one point, I was even put into a dance class but I quit complaining of pain in the legs, an act which I have been regretting for long. Anyways, that was how my dancing never started and remained a dream since then. During college days, I even considered joining classes along with a friend, but even that didn’t materialise . After all this, am in a state now where I feel very conscious about dance and the entire body goes rigid at the very thought of it.

Now coming back to the present time, there opened up a chance at office. And the best part of it was that it was a group dance, some of them were amateurs like me, and there was a tutor. Now or never was what I felt, and I enrolled in. For about 10 days, we went to a dance studio and practised there daily for an hour. Though it was little hectic, we enjoyed a lot. Watching the tutor dance, dancing after him, learning steps from others, costume discussion, shopping was all so much fun.

We performed last Saturday and it came out well. Everyone was pleasantly surprised as it was first of its kind in the office history 🙂 They even complimented instead of running away 😉

One down the bucket list, looking forward to strike some more of them 🙂

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