If not now, then when ?

This question has to be asked definitely for some of the things and the action of a trip to Bangalore from Hyderabad is one such question for us.

After a very long procrastination, owing to the difference of opinion between V and me, upon the mode of travel, we finally came to a consensus and took the road trip to Bangalore last Thursday and came back home Tuesday evening. I was scared all these years to go on such a long drive, fearing about how A would co-operate, how to engage her, the basic needs, nature calls etc. And V had great passion about going on a long drive, which only kept increasing hearing travel tales from friends and web. And we never plan so much in advance to get train tickets without hassle. Attributing to different known and unknown factors, the trip never happened, though my brother stays there, V’s sister stays there and lot of friends too stay over there.

And the trip happened to be a great one, two days went for the travel, 4 days went for the stay and we spent some time lazily at home, did some shopping, some sightseeing, some sort of exploring food places etc. 

The drive was really good. The national highway is being maintained in a very good condition and there wasn’t any traffic too. The best part was that the highway at any point doesn’t go inside the towns on the way, unlike the one that goes to Vijayawada. We started at 5:45 in the morning and could reach Devanahalli by 1:30 for lunch. Fortunately, most of the guys in Bangalore have gone out for vacation leaving little traffic for us. And A behaved like a super duper good girl and  V was so impressed that he got her a Barbie on coming back home.

Done something for the first time and we are glad that we did it !

More finer details on the trip to be followed ! Need to save some fodder for the upcoming Blogathon !

6 thoughts on “If not now, then when ?

  1. Wow! Thats really nice you guys finally made that road trip 🙂 Ever since we got the car, we have seldom booked train or bus tickets. Short or long – car was our companion. So far, it has been a great experience 🙂 Wishing you many more road trips FV!

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