Makeover !

Last time when V’s sis was here for Dussehra vacation , she wanted to do some wall painting with A. So even before her arrival, she had some conversations with A upon what to paint. They pondered over princesses, castles, nature, flowers et al and finally settled upon something simple and a mix of all. The duo agreed to have a castle, some grass and flowers and butterflies and clouds and a bird of course ! And the wall of her ex-room was chosen as the canvas.

She bought along acrylic colours with her and drew the initial sketch on the wall. And when she started giving the white coat, A tagged along. 

They gave the white coat a night’s rest and started the colouring part next morning. They took little breaks, discussed, collaborated and then finally produced this !

This is the story of the makeover of the little wall. Now doesn’t it feel like everything needs a makeover πŸ™‚

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