Energy is infectious

Specially that energy at a school overflowing with kids on a high,

That energy which is there during the school concert,

That synergy which occurs when so many many hands come together to perform a big act,

That energy which can be felt in every breath you take in  those hours, every step you take in those premises and every sound you hear and every vision you watch ,

This was what I experienced at A’s school today, the day of their school’s concert.

The preparations, planning, arrangements were simply amazing and I was overwhelmed at the amount of effort that went into to make this happen. They didn’t take anything for granted and even rehearsed the entire programme, with costumes yesterday, a day before the big day. Kids, teachers, organisers, staff, admin, supporting staff and numerous others took every detail into consideration and made today’s event a big success.

The kids were so full of energy and enthusiasm that I literally wanted to go back in time and be once again a part of the school’s functions !

  The rehearsal !

  The Dias at at back, at the front and at the side !

  The snack preparation , costume preparation and lot other preparations in the making !

  Make-up in progress !

  The grand finale !

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