Data structures

Computer science at college comprised of a course in data structures, which essentially is all about efficiently storing large amounts of data and retrieving it fast. We were taught by a professor , whom we used to call TR Sir, and he was too good at it that we simply fell in love with those. The varied ways in which same data can be stored and how it can result in the different amounts of space taken and different search times, amazed me.

Now, coming back to present times, I started facing some similar problem in real times. A’s accessories started off with bangles, we used to have a box initially for them and then we started to have some party wear bangles too. Slowly that resulted in two boxes. Then we started collecting bracelets too. And then hair clips joined. Some were bought by us, some by grandparents, some by atta, some by mama, some by extended relatives, friends and all. The list extended by black hair clips and black rubber bands, which are the only things permitted at school. And as time passed, hair bands, stickers, loom bands, and many other things got accumulated. Which resulted in boxes, containers spread everywhere, across different rooms and different shelves. We sometimes shifted places too. And the end result was more of confusion, less of usage because of long search time .

Couple of weeks back, I recalled bringing an organiser sort of thing from US, which was left behind unused. I got it out and we tried this setup….

This is actually just the half of whole thing and the other half has been folded inside, which is being used to store my miscellaneous stuff.

This is my optimal data structure for now, with minimal space and quick search !

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