An attempt to strike off an item

From my Bucket List started last Sunday morning.

“Learn to ride a bicycle “, is the item that am working on. 

Don’t laugh if you are laughing 🙂

This cycling stuff which was supposed to happen much much earlier, didn’t happen for various reasons, mostly because of the fear that I would fall down, the fear that I would get hurt, and probably  with a self assurance that am anyway able to manage without learning it.

I attempted at various times so far, and they were very very short attempts and not-so-determined ones. And then something else would come up and I would forget it very safely and peacefully. But that want to learn it someday would keep coming back to me.

So, last Sunday, with renewed determination and a strong will, I started a fresh attempt. As expected, I haven’t learnt completely, but I had a nice feeling after about an hour of practising. At the end of it , if the session left me with anything, it was a determination that remained still intact and a sort of confidence that I may finally be able to do it 🙂

Wish me luck guys, I need so much of it 🙂

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