One down the bucket list !

Inspired by TGND, I started compiling my bucket list. Things which I want to do just because I want to do them. I came across the bucket list concept numerous times but I never attempted to pen down mine. I never even bothered to think what my list would look like. And then on a fine day, after I read TGND’s list and had a chat with her, I wanted to give a try at “my” list. I started listing down things which I really wanted to do, small and big, easy and hard. The list is in a very primitive state as of now and has got only few items, and am in the process of updating it as and when I come across something that I feel should go into it.
Now coming to the point, while the list is still under construction, I have actually striked one of them. “Read a book with A and watch the movie based on that book with A “, is one of the things I wanted to do. ” Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ” of Roald Dahl came to A as a birthday gift in this February from V’s cousin. From that time, I have been wanting to read the novel with A and then watch the movie with her, and then discuss the characters and the movie, and have long long conversations about all of it. We started reading the book, together for some days, as an individual for some days, left it aside for some days, then restarted it and then finally completed it recently. The book was great, both A and I enjoyed reading it. And then we wasted no time in watching the movie. We watched it couple of days back and the movie was equally good. I couldn’t watch the movie completely sitting in one place but I did watch it.
I hope to do a similar thing for another book, and this time I want to watch the movie more seriously, with curtains drawn, pop corn in hand, lunch ordered, serious conversations about the movie and so on and on….

So here is my first strike off of one of the things in the bucket list, and I look forward to the rest of them !

Do you also have your lists and how far have you reached in completing them ? 

7 thoughts on “One down the bucket list !

  1. I’m so glad you decided to prepare your own bucket list, and to learn that you have already crossed off one item from it. 🙂 Good going!

    May this be the beginning of many small and big dreams of yours coming true! 🙂 Good luck!

  2. I love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – both the book as well as the movie 🙂 Bucket list has never been on my mind.. though there are things I would like to try 🙂 May be I should create a list too – which makes it a real deal right?!

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