Accomplishments are heard every other day from friends, relatives, news et al, of people known and unknown. But when it is heard from someone dear to you, how small it might be, the sense of pleasure that you get from it is altogether a different one. That was what I got today when V announced his “150 km of cycling in a month” milestone this morning. He is currently cycling only on the weekends and this is his record since he started cycling couple of months ago. Gym as an activity was what he did only as an exercise, to avoid unwanted visitors such as back ache and all. But this is much more, extra elements of interest, zeal, goals, enthusiasm have gone into it. He has started planning even his Friday nights so that the Saturday schedule happens unaffected. He who used to wake up much much late on weekends is now up and out before 7 in the morning.

Hobbies are needed to add that extra element of ‘LIFE’ to life and am glad he found his ! Wishing him many more such milestones that satisfy the zeal in him πŸ™‚

One similar milestone in the family was when A delivered her first dance performance in our apartments as one among a group of four girls, on the day of Ganesh Chathurthi this month, and was heartily applauded by everyone! She gave us all a happy surprise, as we weren’t expecting much πŸ™‚

Happy Cycling and Happy Dancing and Happy Milestones !

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