Big or small ?


A : Amma, I want to sleep alone in Atta’s bedroom, am growing big

Me : Ok 

A : I should learn things Amma, am growing big 

Me : Ok, go ahead and sleep 

A : All the best Amma since you are sleeping alone ( V had gone out for a movie)

Me : Ok πŸ™‚

We made little arrangements to the bed, adjusted lighting and not much later, A fell asleep “alone”, in her Atta’s bedroom.

And here was I, in the other bedroom, at the max of 10 footsteps away from the place A is sleeping, and still felt a sense of void, that something is missing. However I slept off…

Today morning…

A : Amma, can I sleep alone tonight also ?

Me : Ok

Tonight, a couple of hours ago…

We arranged everything for A to sleep as yesterday 

A : Amma, come here

Me : Yes

A : Just wanted to hug you 

Me : (sensing something more) You can sleep where ever you want, you can come and sleep in your regular place now and can come back here later when ever you feel like

With no further talk, she came to our room, and slept in her bed, the regular place of hers…

It made me realise that A is still a little girl, who still wants to be in the cozy comfort of the daily routine. And it is going to take a while for her to grow big, and am in no hurry for that …

Let me savour the sweet pleasures of you being a little one, dear A !

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