Role reversal

 V is known for pulling legs, of everyone in the family, big or small, at all times, day and night . He does this more with the immediate members of the family and he gives such spontaneous responses that we mostly are left speechless and give up after a time. He doesn’t leave anyone, including the one who has come to support him in the leg-pulling process. So anyone who thinks that he can be saved from becoming the victim, by joining his side is under the wrong impression. We even call him ‘Narada’, the character fondly known for creating differences between two people who had absolutely no differences between them. So with experience, we have learnt to be prepared to stay united how hard he tries, but this doesn’t change that we were always, or mostly at the receiving end.
Now, after all these years, there’s a change in the situation and the tables have turned. A seems to have inherited the ability to give back spontaneous replies, sometimes full of wit, sometimes sharp, that even V takes a while to understand what she has hit at. This phase has started a while ago and it’s so much fun looking the two converse at times, with V left spellbound. To top this, A doesn’t let V pull my leg at all and she stays all ready and alert to provide a big circle of protection around me. How much ever time it may last, am going to enjoy this !
All this came back to me this morning when A was trying to tease V with the card that she made below, by calling him Srimanthudu ( a new telugu movie which means ‘an affluent person’, where the protagonist rides a bicycle ), because of his new hobby of cycling πŸ™‚ . It was V’s turn to stay helpless and get teased πŸ™‚

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