One of those longest debates

Like every other home, this too housed a number of debates, of varying lengths among different sets of groups and of course of different intensities. But this one that I am going to list down is probably one of the longest lengths in recent times.

The idea of changing V’s car entered his mind as it has been a decently long enough time that we bought it, somewhere towards the end of December 2012. And people switching to automatic ones and enjoying the comfort of it without having to worry about clutch aspect sounded quite tempting. With these two factors in mind, the quest for the new car began almost an year ago. Once you enter the world of cars, inevitably the factors like budget, 5/6/7 seater, sedan / SUV / MUV, mileage, pickup, engine started playing their roles.

If V was ok with the budget of a car, he wasn’t satisfied with the engine. If the engine was good, the budget seemed high. If both were somehow considered to be ok, issues about parking the car or driving it in narrow lanes started coming up in the discussions. Test drive for couple of them happened. None proved the best in all aspects and only kept adding to the confusion. He just kept taking on the stress. Looking at the stress, we would not feel good and try to suggest something and that would only result in some more heated arguments but not a solution. Unable to come to a conclusion, we would pause the entire search.

This drama continued for months. Aspects like buying a second hand car or trying a hatchback too pitched in. We couldn’t reach to a solution that satisfied everyone at home. New models continued to enter the market but we still stayed clueless about what we would purchase.

Beginning of this year, we tried to clear out the confusions one by one. Since we wouldn’t be changing the car in the next ten years or so, we needed to buy the one which would leave us with no regrets in the future. If you want to enjoy something, you need to pay the price for it. We may have to come out of the comfort zone and work a little extra hard to get used to the parking issues that may come out of the change.

And then things started falling in place bit by bit. V went for test drives, sorted out the budget issues, surfed web and researched his bit, built up his clarity with respect to all the aspects and zeroed in on the car of his choice.

It wouldn’t be a great ending if such a big drama ended with no twist. Wouldn’t you agree ? So on the day of booking, when both V and me went to the showroom, we changed the colour of the car that we wanted to opt for just a minute before the booking.

And then came home the Beauty / Beast at the end of last month. You will have to wait for the next post to view it 😜

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