Little joys

Morning 9:30 to around evening 8:30, the day at work has been fully packed today with back to back meetings, identifying and fixing issues in the last minute, trying to bring all the commitments to a closure rushing through lunch and comfort break too, as today is a big deadline at work. I felt so exhausted by the end of the day that I had asked A to prepare Maggi as dinner for me. Wrapping up the day’s work and A bringing over my Maggi coincided and it was such a joy to relish it.

Ah !! The joy of being served dinner prepared by your daughter !!!

An hour later, A asks me if we can finish watching an old Hindi movie, Yeh Jawani Hi Deewani, which we had left midway a week ago. Turning on the AC, we finished watching the movie together.

Ah !! The joy of watching such feel good movies with your loved ones !!

A rough day with loads of hiccups doesn’t necessarily have to end the same way, little joys can put a perfect ending !!

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