One of it’s kind feeling

If I were to join a new company, although I would have been excited about starting a new phase, I would have been nervous about how I would fit in and how the new environment would match to my liking.

If I were to go the same workplace as everyday, it would have been a regular routine with no big difference.

The feeling that I had experienced last Sunday in anticipation of Monday and the feeling that I experienced on Monday, the actual day, is one of it’s kind. I entered the office after two whole years. It’s a huge time !!!

Getting ready to go to office in proper attire, carrying laptop, walking through the office building, using lifts and access cards, having proper human interaction with support staff and colleagues, being greeted by warm smiles, hearing sounds in reality, each and every part of that day was exciting !!

I hadn’t worked for most part of the day except for attending two meetings. I talked and talked and talked to my heart’s content and had coffee and ate lunch. That’s it, the whole day went by in a jiffy but the warmth I experienced and the memories I made from that day will stay close to my heart. And there were hardly any people at work that day, the total count must be around fifteen. I wonder how it would feel like to experience the feeling of getting to meet everyone at once !

Anyways, that feeling of that day is just one of it’s kind of a feeling !!!

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