Of being a daughter and chaat and gulab jamun

A initiates varied types of conversations and they are mostly during bedtime. One such thing happened around a couple of months back. This time, it was around the pujas or prayers done by the men in the family for their parents who have passed away. She has seen my FIL and other mamas of V, perform these annual ceremonies, and knows that they are done only by men. She has also seen them offering something as food as part of the puja.

A : Amma, what if a person has got only daughters and no sons, who does this puja ?

Me : No one does the puja then, daughters just offer their prayers.

A : Am sorry that am a daughter and not a son, and can’t perform any puja for you

Me : I don’t mind, this daughter of mine is enough for me and I don’t need any sons

A : Hmmm, which sweet do you like ?

Me : Gulab Jamun

A : Which hot do you like ?

Me : Chaat

A : OK, I’ll keep chaat and gulab jamun and then pray for you

Me : OK (goes to sleep smiling to myself )

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