There’s this building

  • I have entered this building for the first time a long time ago
  • So much time has passed since then and so many memories have been built
  • It has come to become a sort of second home
  • I have laughed endlessly in this building
  • I have cried many a times in this building
  • I have made beautiful friends in this building
  • I have learnt a lot and grown a lot, definitely for the better, personally and professionally
  • It has always offered me a sort of indescribable comfort

Every time I take the stairs, pass through the lifts, stroll across the corridors, a sense of belonging passes through me.

I have left the building twice for an indefinite period. Each time it happened, though I knew I would miss the building, there was always a hope in me that I might come back here again . And true to that, it happened.

Today is going to be another such day, when am leaving the building. This time, it’s going to be forever, as the office is shifting to new premises and there’s going to be no coming back here.

Though the thought is kind of causing a low feeling, when I think back, it is the people that l spent with in this building that has made the building so dear to me. With all these lovely people around me, I hope to make the new premises equally or rather more close to heart.

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