Amrit Sarovar

It was 10 days ago that we had the opportunity to visit this sacred place, the Golden temple surrounded with the holy lake Amrit Sarovar, which was dug by the fourth Sikh guru, which gave the name Amritsar to its city. It was Maharaja Ranjit Singh who covered the gurudwara with gold and gave it the name Golden temple.

Quite some time back, I watched a programme on TV , which showed the Golden Temple and its langar. From then on, I had this desire to visit the place and take some participation in the langar. And then around a month back, we started discussing about where we could visit to have a vacation, and then we picked up Amritsar. A got a 3-week break before her next academic year started last week and we thought the break would be a perfect fit for our vacation plans. So we finalised and went ahead and we came back from our vacation last week.

We took an early morning flight from Hyderabad till Amritsar. Though we reached Amritsar by 1, we headed to the temple only in the evening. The Golden temple premises are vast, and so the huge crowd didn’t seem a problem. The temple is too beautiful in the night with all the lights and their reflections. Fortunately, the climate wasn’t too harsh, as the summer hasn’t picked up yet. We spent a good 3 hour time in the sanctum. One thing we saw for the first time, is that there’s a little pool of water before the entrance, there by, making you wash your feet, as you walk through that pool into the temple. A was super excited with it and washed her feet on exit too. There’s a bridge which you cross to enter the holy place, and the walk along that feels wonderful. We couldn’t proceed to the langar after that as we were completely exhausted, owing to our travel that started as early as 2:30 A.M.
Though a visit to langar was on our list, we couldn’t materialise it, as A co-operated much beyond expectation and we couldn’t demand more from her. May be next time, we will get a chance to experience that too.

It was a sight to watch thousands of people of all ages, with deep faith within, coming from different places, to take the blessings of the Almighty. Am glad that we too could be a part of it.

Watch out! More on our travel experiences coming soon 😊

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