Jallianwala Bagh

A place that left me with more questions than answers…

We visited this place on our recent vacation and we walked around it, the historic place where hundreds of innocent Indians were fired at for about 10 minutes, where so many lost their lives for no fault of theirs, where the British left their ugly impressions. 

The narrow passage through which the shooting started is still there, the bullet marks on the walls could still be seen, the well into which so many people jumped into in order to save their lives but couldn’t succeed, is still there covered with a fence. 

The place stands as a memorial for all those patriots, who had met there for a non violent discussion.

While the place evoked a sense of patriotic spirit in me, the same place left me with so many questions of 
How well is the freedom being used now ?

Is the freedom that has came to us after so much struggle and after so many sacrifices used in the way that it deserves ?

Do we have the same unity amongst us, Indians, to grow as a nation, that we had to fight back the British ?

Can you see the inscriptions of names of hundreds of people who lost their lives here in this massacre ?


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