A story, a friend and a recipe !

Long long ago, ok not so long technically, it was just a week ago I guess, that my path crossed a story over the net. The story was about apple dumplings and I liked the story. So naturally I wanted to narrate that to A, and when I actually did that, she was bit surprised as it’s usually she pestering me to tell a story and me admitting my lack of creativity and memory of already read stories. So she was genuinely pleased with the proactive story telling and the story.

Now, since it’s A on the other end, there had to come out something unexpected. To not keep the matters simple , she declared that we would be making apple dumplings over the weekend. Now whoever wrote that story, wrote that story very nicely except that they haven’t talked about the recipe.
The internet had multiple versions which only enhanced my confusion. So I resorted to this good friend for rescue. She very sweetly and promptly passed on the recipe details making my life easier. With that, we gathered up all the ingredients just before the weekend and came out with this over the weekend !

p.s. A did a bit of the peeling part, most of the chopping part and mixing and little of placing the mixture in the pastry sheets.

Edited to add the recipe shared by Vidhya :

Peel Apple skin and chop then length wise if u r doing rectangular puffs or chop them into small pieces if doing the mothak/dumplings shape

Add brown sugar, cinnamon powder, maple syrup n vanilla essence

Mix well

Adjust sugar as per maple syrup

Then place this Apple filling in the pastry sheets and fold them

Bake as per the temp setting in pastry sheet

Apply lot of butter on top for crispy and flaky dumpling

U can pour more maple syrup on top before serving

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