The beginning of a new tradition 

So this Christmas, we did something new, something for the first time, something of which we just heard of here and there.
The trigger to this came from V’s sister. At Bangalore, they have actually recently shifted to a newly constructed apartment and the residents seem to be brimming with new excitement for celebration of any kind. Owing to that, they conducted ‘Secret Santa’ for kids and pleased by the outcome, they decided to have that for the ladies gang too.
So V’s sister painted this and gifted her partner ! 

Now, when we heard of all this activity, we couldn’t resist ourselves from trying it at our end too. So the five at home decided to play this and A promptly readied the setup in the morning and formed the partners for each of us.

We put up a budget of a max of hundred rupees for each gift and we were supposed to be ready with the presents by the evening. A couldn’t wait any longer and so made us reveal everything by 7 in the evening as soon as I stepped in from work .

A gifted me chocolates, hand made bookmark and a hand made tagger !

I gifted MIL a Telugu short stories book, Mithunam !

V gifted FIL a car hanging !

MIL gifted V home-made kaaja sweets !

FIL gifted A a set of pens and Christmas bells  !

Whole lot of fun it was 😊😊😊

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