A pleasant surprise !

Yesterday morning, which should have been a normal , plain , non-exciting morning turned out to be a very pleasant one, in the most unexpected fashion because of


The beautiful red balloons that adorned the ceiling of office space and


The one-liner placed on the keyboard at everyone’s desk and


The little surprise pasted at the back of it and


The little heart biscuits and candies placed at each wing and


The mail that entered all the inboxes !!!

I love surprises and this indeed was a very lovely surprise at office !

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ! Spread the joy of love !

And Happy Marriage Anniversary My Dear Brother And SIL 🙂

8 thoughts on “A pleasant surprise !

  1. Aww……super super surprise! Did you hug the group who planned all this! The card on the keyboard is so true 🙂
    Happy belated anniversary to your brother and SIL:)

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