Me and History

Were never great companions. It was just a course at school for me, which was to be studied for exams. Neither did I have any aversion nor did I have any love for it. Until…. recently !

First, it was the Twentieth Wife, which I liked a lot and it showed me history in a totally new perspective. I got curious, went back to those old times , imagined things, pondered about them and all. It was wonderful, thinking about the conversations they might have had, the feelings they must have had and the power, ambition, grandeur surrounding them.

Then came The Palace Of Illusions, which am not sure, if can be categorised under history. But this too was wonderful, revisiting all the mythological stories in a new perspective. Draupadi’s narration added a fresh touch to all those stories that were a part of our childhood, bringing back many associated memories.

And then finally came Nefertiti , which I picked up from TGND . I heard about this for the first time from her and wanted to give it a try. But I had my own doubts if it would be too much for the tiny head of mine. And I was wrong in having such doubts. The book was wonderful, introducing so many things about Egyptian culture to me, making me want to visit Egypt all of a sudden. That powerful, ambitious lady remained etched in my mind, for quite some time even after completing the book. Thanks TGND for the pointer.

After all this, I have got a new love for history and am waiting to lay my hands on the next part of TajMahal Trilogy, Feast Of Roses !

7 thoughts on “Me and History

  1. Same pinch.. i just completed my feast of roses n started shadow princess.. loving it. Let me know after u finish feast of roses.. let’s chat.. πŸ™‚ r u in good reads?
    Between long time no see..

    • Sure, am planning it to order it from library the next week, I so want to read it soon πŸ™‚ No, am not in good reads, was procrastinating it for quite some time, should do it soon, r u there ?

      Was just being lazy, also the new office has got its impact, am yet to reach a stage where I can say that I have got completely acquainted with the work πŸ™‚

      How have you been ?

  2. Same pinch. I wasn’t a big fan of history back in school. I love reading well-written historical fiction books, though. I keep saying, ‘If only history were taught like this (the way historical fiction books are written) in school, more students would love it!’

    I have read very few historical fiction books, though. Would love to pick up more.

    If you are interested in the sinking of the Titanic, check out The Dressmaker. Not very well-written according to critics, but I learnt a lot from the book. Also, you should read Shadow Princess – it is beautiful.

    • True, our school books should be re-written πŸ™‚

      Will check out The Dressmaker, thanks for the tip. Yes, Shadow Princess is on the list, will start it after Feast Of Roses πŸ™‚

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