Gyaan everywhere !

The problem in Maths to be solved by A as homework, goes as :

In a village, there are 436 men, 418 women and 142 children. How many people are there in the village ?

A reads the question and says aloud :

Ayyo, the children in the village are very less, may be the adults have not gone to hospital after marriage.

p.s. A is using her gyaan, that parents get kids from hospital after marriage, even in maths homework !

12 thoughts on “Gyaan everywhere !

  1. These kids naaa.. Vaandu asked me one day, where was I amma, before you and appa got me?? (Notice the word, “got”) I told u were with ummachi (God) and then God sent you to us. Every now and then he will be asking how I came, what was I doing before, why you got me or why you asked for me? ufffffffffffff. kids and questions..

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