The thin line

Sometimes puts me at so much unease….

A participated in a Relay race for the Sports Day event at her school last Friday. And when parents were also invited to come at 2 P.M., she wanted me to take a leave and come to her school. I told her that instead of a full day leave, I would go to office in the morning and come directly to her school in the afternoon when the event starts and that she should go to the school with her grandfather. The poor girl quietly obliged and I headed to office. As luck would have it, I landed up in such a situation that I couldn’t come back from the office by noon as planned. FIL attended the event and I started back from the office at 4:30, which was much much later after A’s event, but I gathered information that some other performances were going on. I reached school at around 5 and then with FIL , I went to little A, sitting along with her friends and teacher somewhere in the big stadium, and I presented myself as if I was there from the beginning of the event. She seemed quite happy when she asked me if I had seen her in the event and I responded positive.

The thin line where I don’t want to lie but had to, to make her feel happy, puts me so much at unease !

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