Blind date with a book !

Am of the type who usually picks up a book after hearing or reading about someone’s review of the book.

For such a type, this blind date concept is extremely opposite, where the book is completely wrapped up, masking every detail of it, author, title, cover, plot and whatever you name. Some key words are written on the wrapper, just to give a small insight into the book. Apparently, some book shops are selling using this concept and I found it amusing. 

I haven’t encountered any such book store here so far, but when I get a chance, I might pick it up just for the feel of it 🙂

Go and Google for more on this !

Have you tried this ?

4 thoughts on “Blind date with a book !

  1. I am hearing about it for the first time FV. But really interesting concept. I would like to try it out too, just for the excitement 🙂 Otherwise I am pretty much – hear good things, go buy the book types too 😀

  2. I think I blind date books all the time. I often pick up books just because I like the cover page or the story or the title, without knowing anything else about the author or the book – particularly so at discount sales. That is also a form of blind dating, right? The books are not all wrapped up – that’s the only difference.

    I also like the idea of someone else – known or unknown to me – choosing a book for me to read. Sometimes, it can be fun. It can expose you to an entirely new genre or author that you might not have picked up for yourself otherwise.

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