A full circle !

A had a school picnic scheduled for today and so has listed out, collected, and packed all the stuff she was planning to carry along, a day before the big day. Everything looked good so far except that as she woke up in the morning, she realised that she did not like the Kidzee cap, which she had planned to carry. Now, how can we complete an event with no last minute drama ?

Since we couldn’t think of any substitute at that time of the day, MIL took her from our flat on the fourth floor to V’s cousin’s place on the third floor of our apartment, in the hope of finding something which could satisfy her. And as luck would have it, they came back with not one, but two caps.

As soon as they stepped into home with the two probable substitutes, both V and me couldn’t help smiling looking at those. For they were the ones which we had used exactly ten years back, when we were in US, and on coming back, we gave them to V’s cousins, assuming that we would never have to use them again.

Who expected that there would come one day, when the cousins would have grown up and a new generation would have started and the caps would come back to us to complete a full circle 🙂


The then me and the now A !

6 thoughts on “A full circle !

  1. That was such a co-incidence 🙂 Glad A liked it, Hope her picnic went well.

    I love it when these things happen 🙂 Experienced one bit of life coming a full circle with M as well, must write about it !

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