My Beautiful Food :-)

One that can use magic and make wonders
One that can revitalize the dullest of moods
One that can imprint the times shared for a long time
One that can stimulate hearty laughs and strengthen the bonds
One that can literally do everything
Is what I call Beautiful Food   🙂

Here is one such perfect meal,  Jeera rice and Paneer Tikka, the beautiful food turning more beautiful, when the family cooks together, with so many comments passing by, and the little work distributed across many hands and with endless gossip 🙂

And it becomes the most beautiful one when Borosil joins as a partner in the fun 🙂

Somethings are so simple and yet so divine, Jeera rice being one of them. The simplicity and the divinity make you crave for it only more. Borosil Microwavables make the task more simpler.
With little oil, lots of jeera, ultra-thin sliced onions, green chillies to add a little heat, washed rice with required water and salt, pop goes in the Borosil dish and comes out with lip-smackingly delicious Jeera rice.

Paneer Tikka acts as a perfect companion to the Jeera rice, the flavours perfectly complementing each other.
Marinate the cut panner cubes, tomato, onion and capsicum cut in cubes, in yogurt with some chat masala, salt and spices. Take a Borosil container, grease it with oil and neatly arrange the paneer with vegetables held together by tooth picks, and push it into a micro wave to come out to serve you the restaurant – style Paneer Tikka.

For all the good food and good times, do try out experimenting with Borosil !

This post is part of My Beautiful Food Contest on IndiBlogger.

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