The case of the missing sock

The series of events in chronological order :

I emptied the pair of socks to be washed from a cover and threw the cover into the dust bin.

I applied detergent to the socks, washed a little and then put them into the washing machine along with other clothes for refined washing.

After a couple of minutes when the clothes were ready to be put into the dryer, I asked A to execute the job for me.

I started picking one after the other from the dryer and towards the end, I realised that there was only one sock of the pair of socks and the other was missing

I checked if it has fallen off from the fourth floor while drying out the others and I found none on the ground floor or the intermediate ones. I found my washer and dryer empty. I rechecked the ground and other floors. Same. Empty.

I asked A, to extract the missing piece of information , about how many of the pair of socks had she found while transferring contents from washer to dryer. She replied one.

Now that was strange. I vaguely remember applying detergent to two pieces and not one but again lately I have been suspecting my own memory. So I couldn’t be sure of anything.

I left the matter there as I couldn’t do anything much except for drying the lone sock.

I put the washed and dried sock in it’s place thinking of the possibility that I might lose one sock of another pair on another day and maybe I can pair these together 😉 The two pairs are slightly similar 😀

Next day, before putting out the trash, I checked the dust bin to ensure that the cover, that contained the pair of socks earlier, was indeed empty.

Last Friday, which was after about a week or ten days since the above incident had happened, I noticed something unusual in the dryer, between the tub and the container holding the tub.

I moved it to get a clear picture and then found the answer to my unsolved mystery.

With the help of a stick, V removed it slowly and passed it over to me.

I smiled to myself, washed and dried it again and united it with the other half that was patiently waiting for this one !!!

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