Then Now Later

It has been exactly a week that A started her 10th grade. She regarded it as her last first day at school as the chances are highly likely that she might be leaving the school after this academic year, for her further education and entering a junior college. To Where, For what, Is it confirmed and How are some questions we keep evading for now for we don’t have any concrete answers to any of them.

Back to the original point, I keep wondering how hugely our current thoughts have transformed when compared with the ones that originated nine years ago, on her first day as a first grader at this school.

Then : Will she miss home at school or get along well with friends and like the school ?

Now : Will she miss her school friends too much or manage to maintain the friendships even after departing ways ?

Then : Will she want to have home food or like the school snacks and lunch ?

Now : Will she miss her school favourites like cutlet, rajma etc or plan to attend alumni reunions and satisfy her cravings ?

Then : Will she be scared of her teachers or like them ?

Now : Will she miss her favourite teachers or make a point to connect with them whenever possible?

Then : Will she get lost in the huge campus or enjoy it cautiously ?

Now : Will she miss her campus or narrate and cherish anecdotes of her adventures ?

Then and Now, our thoughts might have transformed completely but the thoughts remain as such and have not vanished and will most likely continue to remain in the future too and may take an entirely new shape 😀

Dear A, If you ask for my tuppence worth, I would say, make new friends but keep the old friendships going on, explore new places but revisit the old ones, build new memories but relive the old ones.

Just keep on adding with no replacement !!!!

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