You have excelled in academics with the limited support, be it of any form, that you had

You have continued to expand your education and earned degrees of various kinds with great enthusiasm

You have proven yourself in your wide career spanning different areas and various roles

You have set an example for others with respect to honesty and integrity

You have fulfilled your responsibilities as a son, brother, husband, father and a grandfather in every possible way you could

You have given back to society in all possible ways that you could by helping people through organisations

You have thanked God and expressed your gratitude through multiple spiritual activities

You have been a pillar of support for your children irrespective of at what age you were in

You have been a great reader and a great listener and a great enthusiast defying all the hindrances that could have come with aging

You have been completely independent physically, financially and in every other way until your last breath

Dear Thathayya , you are remembered by each of us, your family, extended family, friends, near and dear ones on this day, an year of your leaving us. We look forward to your blessings and hope to follow the high examples that you have set for us…


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