I got to know about Kahoot! for the first time in the lockdown period at work.

The HR personnel used to organise various online activities to keep the spirits of the employees and their families high. They have used Kahoot widely to organise quiz contests for kids and adults. It was quite good, sometimes participating with A, sometimes with V’s cousins, sometimes with the entire family. Moving positions above and below with each response kept us on toes.

It had been on my mind since then to try it out with family gatherings too.

Last Diwali, on the spur of the moment, we (our family, V’s mama’s family and V’s Pinni’s family who stay downstairs) decided to have a potluck lunch at our place to bring in the festive mood.

Naturally, it would be nice to have some activity post lunch to keep everyone engaged and have some fun time. Kahoot came to rescue and we prepared some questions upfront on the general interests of the participants , which were movies, food, festivals and stuff.

It was quite a hit as everyone liked it and had good fun. We paused at each question, chatted on it for a while, shared some light moments, followed each other’s scores and the best part was that, everyone was included irrespective of the gender and the age. After we were done with the quiz that we had prepared, we explored the existing available quizzes and spent sometimes with those too.

Kahoot entertaining us !!

What activities do you plan at such family gatherings ? Do you have any fun activities to share ?

4 thoughts on “Kahoot

  1. So much fun when the activity is inclusive and everyone enjoys. One activity we do is – I don’t know what it’s called though. But this is how it is played. You get everyone to sit in circle, one person goes away or steps out just for a bit. Rest of the group discuss and choose one leader. Then the leader has to do something like clap their hand or tap on their head or nod their head etc. Whatever the leader does, the rest have to follow. The leader can keep changing the movement and the group just copies. When the leader is chosen, you ask the person who went out to come back in and they have to guess who the leader of the pack is. They get to stand in the middle of the circle and keep observing everyone, when the movement changes, they need to be sharp to guess who changed the movement first before the rest copied it. They get 3 or 4 or 5 chances to get it right. Then in the next round, someone else goes out and the group chooses a new leader. I dunno if I was able to explain well but this game is so much fun and everyone can participate in this.

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