Uninvited guests

2018 was the first time I guess when pests were first seen at home. It was quite a shock for us back then.

After the shock subsided, we decided that their is no way out other than pulling out everything from the cupboards, including things that haven’t been used for ages and get all the places treated by a pest control agent.

It was quite a big effort naturally, the mental stress of how big the impact would be, the physical stress of getting everything out, cleaning all of it and putting them back into their places. We got the activity done over a period of two to three days eventually. We got rid of some stuff in the process too.

Three years after that, since a month, we have been seeing traces of pests in a particular place. We treat it on our own and then it comes back in two weeks. Finally we decided to get rid of these uninvited guests with professional help and called them over.

We didn’t anticipate the real effort that would be required as the guy promised that everything would be finished in three hours. He stood by his word and finished his work in three hours. But it might be taking 30 more hours to restore things back at home.

The day that started normally got dedicated to these pests and I sincerely hope we don’t have to host them again.

On a lighter note, this looks like a forced way of cleaning stuff at home to welcome upcoming Pongal !

4 thoughts on “Uninvited guests

  1. Oh no these guests are a big nuisance… We had similar situation in previous home. In this home its fruit flies in summer, the entire clan decide to live in our kitchen…

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