Each of us have got our own list of things that we find therapeutic, things that make us feel so good, things that brighten up our mood, things that make us smile inward, things that make us let go off the inner negative feelings, things that we itch to do again and again.

The bigger the list, the happier we are is what I feel. We would have so many things to look forward to ! It gives us even more happiness to add new things to this list.

One such item of my little list is sketching while listening to music. This combination is so awesome that I keep looking out for the next possible opportunity all the time. It makes me feel so good and recharges me and makes me feel lighter.

My latest trial…

Letting my dreams fly high !!!

My latest obsession…

What do you find therapeutic ? Have you discovered something new that makes you feel happy ?

4 thoughts on “Therapeutic

  1. lovely art FV! its a tough question. I don’t know what makes me feel therapeutic.. may be cleaning, decluttering because that is all I do even if I get a day to rest!

  2. The artwork is too beautiful FV, feels like it was printed. Lots of things help me relax, but something new that I am enjoying at the moment is going for bushwalks every Saturday. I always enjoyed walking in the nature and there was countless walking trails here to visit but Abbas and teh girls are too lazy to join. I am going with my friend and colleague and it has become a ritual that I really look forward to and gives me so much joy to enjoy the nature.

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