Some words have a majestic feel to it and the words or letters NCC fall in that category.

As a school going kid, I wasn’t even aware of the existence of NCC, let alone being a part of it. But my respect towards NCC cadets grew as I learnt gradually about them and watched their performances occasionally during the Republic Day celebrations. They looked quite grand and royal !!

Last academic year, when there was an announcement at A’s school to apply for NCC, A applied for NCC Army and got selected. To say that she was quite ecstatic about it is an understatement. She was extremely proud of being a part of it and enjoyed every little detail of it. But as luck would’ve it, she couldn’t enjoy any of the usual activities as everything happened online instead of offline.

This academic year, or the last calendar year, the selected students were called to come over to school to get trained so that they could escort the Chief Guest of the Investiture ceremony in a very formal and official way. The selected girls group, of which A was a part of, was very sincere and dedicated and very very excited to be a part of this event. They practised for hours together, learnt fine details, basked in the joy of collecting their uniforms, treasured their accessories and enjoyed every bit of the training.

A on her big day !

The event has happened finally smoothly and successfully and the girls got to taste a teeny weeny bit of being part of NCC.

After the event, they attended couple of more classes, theory and practical, got to learn some more stuff but they are yearning for more.

Hope this new year brings things back to normal and the kids get to enjoy and serve as NCC cadets as they are supposed to be…

6 thoughts on “NCC

  1. I have huge respect for NCC students for the way they carry themselves and the discipline!
    I could smell the crispness in that uniform. A big salute to A! Super proud of her!

  2. A carries the uniform with aplomb. Glad that they got to experience the ceremony after putting in hours of practice. Wishing A and her fellow cadets a more fulfilling year ♥️

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