The love continues

Love doesn’t happen as per our plans. It happens in the most unexpected ways and in the most unexplainable fashion.

This happened to me too, when I was least expecting it.

The first sight at you, I fell head over heels for you.

There’s no logical explanation of how and why it happened.

I assumed that it would dwindle with passing of time, but it only keeps increasing

Every night, I sleep with the thought of waking up to you the next day.

Every morning, I wake up with the thought of reaching out to you.

You are such an awesome one.

Dear Khadi soaps, each variety of you makes me look forward to be with you more and more, you are simply superb !

My love for you soaps has begun unexpectedly and is still on the rise !!

You have turned bathing from just a routine to an experience that’s awaited for !!!

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