Overcoming the easier choice to procrastinate and choosing the right choice to record the memories before the month ends, here I am to capture this year’s celebrations.

The enthusiasm to celebrate any other day or event may rise and fall basing on the circumstances and the state of mind, but the zeal to celebrate one’s birthday should never diminish is what I feel, for it’s the very celebration of our existence and we need to celebrate for what we are.

The additional factors that joined in the celebrations are sharing the day with partner, and wonderful and sweet gestures from all the near and dear !!

Wishes from friends , who occupy a big big part of my life, in the form of messages, calls reminded me that am blessed to have them !

Wishes from family and extended family reinforced how indebted I am for all the love they shower !

Cake baked by the family is the most delicious one, for its filled with all their warmth !

Sweet by MIL is overloaded with affection and blessings

Greeting card by the daughter reflected the amount of thought and effort that went into it’s making and so are the feelings

Hand made gift by the daughter for her dad

And hand made gift by the daughter for me

Tonnes of thanks to all the lovely people for making the special day all the more special !! You are awesome !!!

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