I never knew about Badminton as a kid. You ask me why and I just don’t the answer. Maybe it’s because of no concept of games at school and no personal interest towards any sport to follow up on the television or newspapers and having no friends that play Badminton. Whatever the reason maybe, I have grown up without any knowledge of the existence of Badminton.

I heard about this sport after growing quite big. And I paid reasonable attention to it only after A grew up quite big. Ever since I started paying attention to it, I used to watch it in wonder. How could the racquet and shuttlecock have so much of understanding and coordination ? How did the player know when to lift and how much to lift and which direction to hit ? How could someone even serve it properly ? I laid my hands on it couple of times and concluded that it’s not my cup of tea and all I could do is just watch in wonder.

Come lockdown, so many things changed and one such thing was increased activity of Badminton in the apartment complex. Kids, teenagers and adults, all seemed to enjoy the sport at all times possible. With increasing boredom and inspiration from people around, SIL and cousins also started resuming their practice at it and asked me to give it a one more try.

First couple of times, the same old story repeated, people were patient with me teaching all the tricks and techniques of it, giving me abundant time. And then gradually, I saw a change. A change from seeing myself in a position of embarrassment to hold the racquet to play the sport for a decent amount of time in a decent manner. And I started gaining confidence and started believing that I too can play with good amount of practice. Although I can’t call myself a good player, am no longer embarrassed to hold the racquet or play the sport.

One thing I learnt in these last couple of months is that things can be learnt from scratch provided you believe in yourself, have some interest and put some decent practice….

Here I wait for more opportunities of practicing Badminton and getting better at it gradually…

2 thoughts on “Badminton

  1. that’s good. I love badminton too and we played few games in beginning of quarantine time but then the interest slowly attained its natural death. May be I should restart.. Let’s see

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