Have become a must in today’s world. They are much needed for survival as we never know when and where the protection is needed.

And now the point I want to make is that the necessity of helmets is not limited to just human beings.

There are other equally important creatures who are in dire need of these helmets for survival.

And can you guess those creatures ?

They are my dear plants, that have just started to grow and are tiny saplings.

My pots need these helmets to protect themselves from the pigeons that are hell bent on plucking them out and eating.

One has seeds of morning glory but the saplings look to be resembling Malabar Spinach.

The other one has begun with radish but some other saplings have seemed to give company to the lone radish.

Now I don’t know what’s going to survive in which pot, but the motto for now is to protect them from the pigeons, with these helmets !!!

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