Guest post !

Today’s post is a guest post by A !!!

This is A, helping mom with the Blogathon. It has been an amazing day for me today !! There are some inter school basketball matches going on and I am taking part in it. A few months ago, we played with SM School and we won with a score of 18-0 !

Today, we had two matches. One with G School and we won again with a score of 12-2. Our second match was with DP School. I was really tensed because the boys and some other girls lost against them. But the girls we were playing against were quite short and we defeated them too !! (I don’t remember the score πŸ˜›) After that my friends and I got a jerseyπŸ‘‡πŸ».

Me with my beeeeessssssssst friend πŸ‘†πŸ». It was a great day and I hope we win the other matches also !

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