A beautiful evening

Electrifying, energising, vibrant, magnificent and so on are the words that come to me, when I think of today’s evening and the concert that was hosted by A’s school.

700 students ageing from three to thirteen were part of the event and must have practiced for countless hours over last month or so, to make the event leave a lasting impression on the minds of the spectators.

A did not participate this time and so we went there just as spectators, including A.

The music and the energy with which the kids played each instrument and the passion in their voices was spectacular.

The theme was on the glimpses of essence of Hyderabad and the kids took the audience on a virtual tour.

Iconic places of Hyderabad, cuisines and monuments and history and culture of the place was covered through some amazing choreography and music composition.

Birla Mandir, Numaish, Chowmahalla palace, Tank Bund, Bathukamma, Golconda, Salarjung museum, Irani chai, samosas, biryani and what not ! It felt amazing to realise that we are part of such a wonderful place.

Teachers must have put in tremendous efforts to make this happen so seamlessly.

Their idea of showing photos and videos that were recorded during the practice sessions, before the actual programme, was something very nice.

The support staff were placed at multiple places to serve water.

They were so thoughtful to put up these temporary rest rooms for the visitors.

This evening taught me many things, celebration of the place I live in, team work, music that can do magic, dance that can lift your spirits and smiles that spread joy !!!

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