Never give up

I have this friend, who’s my super senior at college, has been an ex-colleague, is my colleague now again. I have seen her through different times, some most struggling phases. Fighter seems to be a small word when it comes to describe her. She has fought through all such difficult times, almost single handed, never giving up. She had to fight with people that are closest to her also at times. In spite of lack of cooperation from anyone, she moved forward with determination.

She has been struggling at work for the last couple of days for a target. It would have been challenging in a nice way had there been co-operation and help from others in which ever way possible. But it had been quite the opposite, with no cooperation and on the contrary, with people waiting to watch her fail.

This morning, when I saw a message from her that she just reached home after working at office the whole of yesterday including night, I just felt one thing, “Never give up”. Get inspired from people around you and keep working, keep moving ahead, how big the challenges might be !!!

And I sincerely wish she achieves whatever she aims at !!!

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