Triggers to learn stuff…

Most of my triggers come from A. To learn new things at crafts, academic related stuff, cooking / baking or blah blah blah….

So what’s the latest trigger and what’s my latest learning ??

A has been having a standard breakfast everyday for years for now, couple of spoonfuls of cereals, muesli. And I hate that she’s not having a proper balanced breakfast. We gave many trials at many times with idli, dosa etc but she somehow has a very little appetite in those hours of rushing to school.

Last weekend, she mentioned about her friend following a breakfast menu for the week and upon pushing, A too came up with this menu !

So today was the day for milkshake. And it has been ages that I have made a milkshake. Like the way I do for most recipes, I referred to Rak’s kitchen this time too and I wasn’t disappointed.

I followed this simple recipe, it looked quite good and sounded healthy. It came out well and both the parties are happy !!

Waiting to learn something new for the next time !!

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