Scratch card -> Treasure Hunt

Was the journey we had, or rather made FIL have, this morning.

If Birthdays are a celebration, planning and execution of the surprises associated with it are bigger ones for me. They give me an indescribable high !!

Today is FIL’s birthday and A started with the idea of a scratch card. She followed some instructions over the net and mixed acrylic colour with hand wash liquid in the ratio of 2:1.

On a slightly thick card paper, she covered the content with a tape and then applied the paste made above for around three coatings.

She then made a greeting card to be won by this first scratch card. She made one more scratch card which would give FIL the first clue to the treasure, which is a wrist watch bought by V. She made a set of clues and has placed them all over the house to reach to the treasure.

Morning was spent in execution of all these before the cake was cut !!

Birthday + Surprise = Double Fun !!!

6 thoughts on “Scratch card -> Treasure Hunt

  1. FV, You are blessed with an intelligent girl..more than that such a loving child she is, it’s very heartwarming to read about this child doing all of these for grandparents/relatives. Your child rearing and the values you instill in her are great. Bless her.

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